Uses for bolted lettuce #2 – soup

This isn’t strictly a lettuce soup recipe as much as it’s a recipe that *includes* bolted lettuce.

Loosely based on soup recipes I have worked on before…

spring onion, chopped
couple of potatoes, cubed
a small courgette, cubed
1 clove of garlic, crushed
glug or so of oil

…lob these in a pan, and sauté them for a bit. Then add

500ml (ish) of vegetable stock & mix it in
About a head of bolted lettuce, roughly chopped

…put the lid on and make a cup of tea.

lettuce in a pan

Remove the lid and stir in the lettuce that has now turned into lettuce that’s doing an impression of being spinach. Put the lid back on and leave to simmer for a bit while you drink your brew. Use a hand blender to CAREFULLY blend the soup to be liquid and soup-like rather than lumpy and stew-like, watching out for the potential jets of red-hot liquid that might shoot out from the sides of the hand blender. You might want to take it off the heat for this bit. It won’t make it safer from a spurting liquid point of view, but you’ll worry less about setting the power cord of the blender on fire.

blending green soup in a pan

Serve when hungry, optionally with some tasty bread. A blob of soured cream or natural yoghurt would have been good on this, but we didn’t have any in (well, not on purpose – we’ve been away for 2 weeks, so there was soured cream in the bin, but it didn’t leave the supermarket that way). Pepper was a good addition, and Steve’s second bowl was doused in soy sauce, so maybe that’s a thing…