Word association – becomes image association

I found an image this afternoon while browsing iStock which spoke to me and (effectively) said “I’m your new website background”. It feels lovely and calm, although the colours were fairly vibrant, and a version of teal which I’m pretty into at the moment. It’s light and airy, and although not a work of art, makes for a better site than the orgy of dark colours I was using before. So I re-worked the site (the wonders of css, by the time I’d re-sized the image, it took about 5 minutes. That, and my site has pretty much no content. Check it out. Honestly.) and showed it to Steve.

Go and look at what he saw here. Don’t read any more until you’ve looked.

Steve’s first comment was “what that needs is blood spattered on the walls”.

See how this immediately changes it from a relaxing, uplifting image (although, on reflection, maybe an image that evokes the thought “go up into the light” might not be as positive as I first thought) to a vaguely sinister one.

So – what does it say to you?

2 Replies to “Word association – becomes image association”

  1. It says who fell down the stairs carrying a cup of coffee? But I do like it and it doesn’t look low budget horror. more greek hotel to me

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