3.15 – an explanation

Just in case anyone other than Deb checks in here, i.e. for the benefit of Mrs Dawson: 3.15pm was traditionally the time in my programming days when I would start typing with my nose. To distract from this moment, Deb & I started the 3.15 Fantasy Break. It doesn’t have to be the best ever, just enough to perk one up for the remaining time at work. I expect my output to be brief and, frankly, never at 3.15, because at that point, I’m usually rushing St Anne-wards, but I thought it would be good to put a marker down.


I know, it isn’t 3.15, and the link I have is pants, but here goes: Gio giving Betty soulful “I want to be the guy” looks at the high school dance they were chaperoning (the link is not the look, but it’s a vague indication as to what I’m on about) in the last episode of the last season shown here.

This was my inspiration to re-start the 3.15. Ball’s in your court, Deb.

And Kaggs (& anyone else who’s confused), I’ll explain more when I’m not at work….