Habit: Violet

I know this is out of sequence, but this was too good to miss. I’ve rejuvenated a couple of white shirts which were starting to look a bit yellow in the armpit, and made a lot more useful a dress I inherited from mum which used to be black & white, and is now black & violet (or, purple, to allow for wearing on purple wednesdays).


Habit: yellow


Tonight’s blog is brought to you by the colour yellow, and my ticket to tonight’s extravaganza “Billy No Buzz”…

Habit: red


On the way home today, we passed a freight train. The carriage was suddenly full of red light. That’s when I remembered I had thought to do a habit rainbow.

I didn’t get the timing right for any of the five red containers that went past. Believe it or not, this is the best picture I got 🙁